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Community Spotlight: Yoga on High Foundation

Bringing the Healing Power of Yoga to Those in Need by Susan Post For centuries, yogis have known about the healing benefits of practicing yoga. Not only can it help ease anxiety, depression and insomnia, it also helps practitioners to become more in touch with their bodies. Now, as more research causes modern science to validate yoga’s soothing ways, it ... Read More »

Community Spotlight: Wellness Matters

Bringing Food Education to the Workplace by Susan Post “Wellness Matters” is the newest program from nonprofit food education organization Local Matters. The program is a way to teach healthy eating at work by offering tips and tricks to prepare a mindful meal. Participants work with foods such as whole wheat pasta, chicken and roasted veggies, turkey tacos, quinoa salads ... Read More »

Community Snapshot: KidSMILES

Healthy Grins for Central Ohio Kids by Susan Post More than 12 percent of children in Franklin County and 22 percent in Delaware County have never visited a dentist, according to a 2011 Ohio Department of Health report. With dental insurance, there is a gap where Medicaid ends and insurance begins, often at the expense of children’s dental health. Filling ... Read More »

Community Spotlight: Ohio Wildlife Center

by Felicia Brower Ohio Wildlife Center (OWC) is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation organization that has helped thousands of injured animals get well. Every year, OWC provides veterinary care to almost 5,000 injured, orphaned and sick wild animals. There are three main divisions of OWC: a wildlife hospital in Columbus, a nature education center in Powell and a wildlife removal business ... Read More »

Community Spotlight: American Institute of Alternative Medicine

Ushering in New Generations of Holistic Professionals by Susan Post The American Institute of Alternative Medicine (AIAM) presents a hands-on learning approach to holistic medicine. Founders Helen Yee and Diane Sater established the school in 1994 to provide a well-rounded education for medical professionals seeking careers in massage therapy, acupuncture, nursing and medical assisting. This small, accredited institution provides an ... Read More »

Community Spotlight: Jaime Moore

Central Ohio’s Agricultural Queen by Susan Post Jaime Moore was raised in rural Ohio, where farmers’ markets and buying local were a way of life. Almost everything came from nearby farms and the grocery store was used only for a few other essentials. Canning was a family affair, and her earliest memories are of days spent in the kitchen with ... Read More »

Community Spotlight: Eartha Limited

Diverting Food Waste from Landfills by Deena Kloss Until recently, it wasn’t easy to recycle in Columbus. Instead, most waste was sent to landfills, aluminum was considered garbage, and the concept of collecting food scraps was limited to massive scale food prep operations that transported scraps to factory farms to be used as cheap animal feed. Today, the topic of ... Read More »

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