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Business Spotlight: VidaFit

Shaping Healthy Lifestyles Through an Integrative Approach

by Susan Post

Shawn Ehmann Cropped“Eighty percent of getting and staying in shape is achieved through diet, not exercise,” says Shawn Ehmann, co-founder of VidaFit. “When most people are trying to improve their health and get in shape, they use a siloed approach,” he continues. “They focus on exercise and ignore nutrition, or focus heavily on nutrition and do a juice cleanse, but are not getting good sleep because of stress. The lack of progress in one area completely hinders overall progress in the others.”

Looking at the whole picture, VidaFit offers an integrated solution for a healthy lifestyle. There are two facets to the business – True Food Delivery and the Be Well Program. “True Food Delivery is as clean as clean eating can be, hands down,” Ehmann says. Twice each week the program delivers fresh, pre-portioned, made-from-scratch meals to clients. Designed by a team of executive chefs and registered dietitians, all meals are 100 percent organic and gluten-free, with no added salt or sugar. There is absolutely no compromising when it comes to VidaFit’s guidelines. “It’s forced us to use spices and seasonings and change the cooking techniques,” Ehmann says.

Delivery bag and mealBeyond providing the healthiest of foods, True Food Delivery also offers a convenience factor. “It’s built for the busy schedules,” Ehmann says. No matter how dedicated a person is to eating healthy, “When life gets busy, they revert back to their old habits.” VidaFit takes the hard work out of eating clean every day. Additionally, each member of the family can have a customized plan, then start and stop service as needed.

Phased plans help introduce clients to clean eating. Phase one is a cleanse with a high-fat, high-protein diet. Phase two is recovery with lots of protein, gluten-free grains, and fruits. The third phase is maintenance and introduces more veggies to the diet. There is also a specialized plan targeting clients over 60 who want to live a long, healthy life.

Kids do not have to be left out either. VidaFit offers a kid-friendly plan with more palate-pleasing options for youngsters, including natural sweeteners and starchy foods.

girls using tablet pc at homeVidaFit does not stop at providing clients with healthy meals; there is also an educational component. “True Food Delivery comes with free nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian as a part of the service,” Ehmann says. “What makes our nutritional counseling different is most of our clients struggle with taking knowledge into action. We actually teach them how to batch cook and prepare meals in advance.” VidaFit offers recipes for all of their dishes so that clients can easily prepare everything themselves. In fact, that is the ultimate goal. Ehmann says clients will start with frequent delivery and drop down to maybe one meal a day as they learn to take their nutrition into their own hands.

With diet having such a huge effect on one’s overall well-being, VidaFit’s True Food Delivery service is also a good option for those recovering from cancer or dealing with diabetes. Over time, things like chronic stress or poor diet can cause these major health issues. VidaFit’s food works to reverse the process. By working with their physicians, the team helps clients get back on the road to health, and sometimes into the best shape of their lives.

logo-blue_greenVidaFit’s Be Well Program encompasses the other side of wellness, and includes personal training and lifestyle coaching, nutritional counseling and kitchen coaching, as well as massage therapy. Clients can mix and match services to fit their needs.

Taking a results-oriented approach sets the program apart from other wellness initiatives. “When someone is ready to make a change in their lives and they go see a health or wellness professional, that person is paid based on time and not results,” Ehmann says. “With VidaFit, you pick your goal and that’s what you pay for.”

VidaFit takes exercise, nutrition and lifestyle and integrates them together. If someone needs more or less in one of those areas, then that is what they get. Everything is very customizable and personalized. Ehmann describes a classic example involving the impact of coupling True Food Delivery with the Be Well Program. A couple with three kids, he is a busy professional and she is a busy mom taking care of the little ones and supporting the family. The couple started with the Be Well Program and added True Food Delivery. One year later, he has lost 100 pounds and 25 percent body fat. “He’s a new man,” Ehmann says. “The benefits for him go on and on and on.” His wife now has the body shape she did in her twenties, and eight to 10 hours of her week back.

Ehmann says everything they do through VidaFit is because they want to change lives. Whether a client just needs some help with nutrition through True Food, or is looking for a lifestyle overhaul with the Be Well Program, “I want people to graduate and become self-sufficient,” Ehmann says.

For more information, call 614-526-8432 or visit

Susan Post is a freelance writer and editor based in Columbus. She enjoys writing about her city and the people and places that make it special. Contact her at

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