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Business Spotlight: Honest Concoctions

Creating Natural Products for the Modern Man

by Susan Post

Honest BSPeople often forget that skin is the largest organ of our bodies. What we put “on” our bodies can have as much an effect on our health as what we put “in” it does. Reading the labels on everyday bath products from shampoo to deodorant, however, might leave us scratching our heads in confusion. What exactly is that ingredient and how is it pronounced?

At Honest Concoctions, husband and wife duo Chrissy and Chris Wilson are creating a line of high quality, handmade products that take the chemicals and questions out of grooming products for men.

“We really want to focus on super-simple, all-natural products,” Chrissy says. “These products can be so minimal in ingredients but be better than the things that you are buying at the store,” Chris adds.

Honest Concoctions produces basics like deodorant, toothpaste and a ginger detox bath, but they have also carved out a special niche for beard care.

“We’re trying to hone in our niche a little so we can focus on making our products better quality,” Chris says.

The beard care line includes beard oil, shave whip, aftershave and a shampoo bar that can actually be used for all hair types.

No matter the product, Honest Concoctions only uses the highest quality all-natural ingredients.

“We use quite a range of different things but the biggest thing that we do is source everything out and try to get the highest quality,” Chris says. All Honest Concoctions products are food-grade meaning you could technically eat your shampoo! As the couple points out, if you can’t eat it, do you really want it seeping into your pores?

The list of ingredients on their two best-selling products, the beard oil and shampoo bar, is recognizable. The beard oil contains grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil and a combination of essential oils to give a signature scent. The shampoo bar contains olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, beeswax, essential oils, coconut oil, lye, peppermint green tea and soybean oil.

In addition, Honest Concoctions uses only essential, as opposed to fragrance, oils in all of their products. Other simple ingredients include baking soda and vegetable glycerin.

The duo has observed small but significant improvements, such as clearer skin and better dental hygiene, from switching over to their homemade products.

Chrissy and Chris are just two of a multitude of people who are aiming to live a more natural life. A documentary highlighting one family’s change to a chemical-free lifestyle inspired them to do the same. They started making chemical-free products to use in their own home before turning Honest Concoctions into a business in November of 2013.

As awareness of the possible harmful effects of certain chemicals grows, the duo believe that in 10 to 20 years we’ll look back on some of the ingredients people are currently using with shock, similar to how we view things like EDTA and pesticides today.

With cancer rates exploding, “It’s pretty clear what we’re doing to ourselves,” Chrissy says.

Honest Concoctions products are available at three local retailers: Wholly Craft in Clintonville, Simply Vague at the Tuttle Mall and Simply Local in Canal Winchester. The full line is also available through their online Etsy shop.

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Susan Post is a freelance writer and editor based in Columbus. She enjoys writing about her city and the people and places that make it special. Contact her at

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