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Beneficial Beverages

by Felicia Brower

Raisin Rack SBDrinking a smoothie is a simple way to consume a lot of vitamins and nutrients at one time. Sometimes, though, we are missing ingredients, time is limited, or we would rather let someone else make it for us. Raisin Rack – a local natural food market in Westerville – serves fresh and tasty smoothies made in-store using the highest quality ingredients to ensure that those smoothies are both healthy and delicious.

Try a Creamy Berry smoothie, which is made with almond milk, organic bananas, organic mixed blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and organic unrefined coconut oil. The Acai Adventure smoothie, made with organic papaya juice, organic bananas, organic blueberries, açaí and honey, is another favorite option. For an extra health boost, try the Abundant Antioxidants smoothie, made with pomegranate juice, organic strawberries, organic blueberries and stevia extract. Patrons can also create a custom smoothie using their own combinations.

In addition to selling smoothies, Raisin Rack carries bulk grains, herbs, organic fruits and vegetables and vitamins, making it easy to find any necessary smoothie ingredients all in one place.

Location: 2545 W Schrock Rd. For more information, visit

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