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‘Awakening’ the Evolution of Beauty

by Deja Redman

Awakening Beauty LAWe are so different and individual that when we place the beauty of the world in a box it stunts our growth. Beauty is so vast. It takes many shapes colors and forms. It is found in healthy conversation and in everyday life. Beauty is not concrete but fluid and flexible.  Beauty is not meant to be perfect but meant to be whole. How do we awaken ourselves to going back to our beginnings, our birthright, to be beautiful and to live beautiful lives?

We wake up everyday and before we even say, “Good Morning”, we instead choose to criticize ourselves before we begin our day. Why is this?

It is in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that makes it hard to have a positive outlook on what we see. We are buried alive in all the daily tasks and stressors that life brings our way and our personal beauty is somewhere buried underneath it. When we look in the mirror it is our thoughts that shape our opinions of what we see. Think about this: No one is talking to you in the mirror. It is simply the reflection of what you think. And your thoughts can be reformed.

The bottom line is this: People who are more joyful are more attractive. That is a new phenomenon. Or is it an old one? Like a newborn baby naturally offering joy and putting smiles on people’s faces. We have forgotten this in ourselves. So perhaps being beautiful is not so far-fetched anymore. It is simply remembering our beginning; the first breath of life, the first loud cry to the world and the first smile on your mother’s face.

It is time we awaken and accept who we are – and that is perfectly imperfect. When we do this, we begin to emerge into our own authentic beauty. We no longer have to accept mainstream ideas and images of what beauty looks like. We evolve to a higher consciousness and feel empowered as human beings. From the moles, the scars, the life experience that shows up on our faces this is all part of our own personal story, and that’s beautiful, isn’t it?

When we choose to take care of ourselves, understand ourselves and heal ourselves, we become rooted in our life and unbreakable. The creative process of life allows us to choose to decorate our lives with color, inspiration and positive people. This is how we keep beauty transforming so that we are able to evolve into our most beautiful self.

The fact of the matter is this awakened process is as it should be. It is accepting our individual path that allows us to keep moving forward, discovering beautiful treasures along the way and never ever forgetting our beginning (the most precious point of our existence). So the mirror now becomes our friend and our days begin brighter as we find courage to forge forward.

I am who I am and I love who I am.

I am learning to let go and to embrace what the universe has to offer me.

I am rooted in my personal truth and I am empowered by my spirit

I practice patience and self love.

I am Beauty.

Deja Redman is the co-owner of replenish: the spa co-op, located in the Discovery District of downtown Columbus. Visit

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