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Action Items for Men’s Health

by Katy Henn

Man meditatingWhen the phrase “men’s health” is uttered, thoughts of regular prostate checks or chiseled abs may come to mind. While preventative screenings and fitness are both important self-care practices, holistic health can play just as vital of a role in a man’s care for his body. Below are a few holistic tips for the modern day man who seeks greater energy, vitality and purpose.

Breathe deeply. The benefits of deep breathing aren’t always made a top priority, yet it’s simple to apply this easy, healthy habit. Deep breathing, especially through the nose, produces a relaxation response in the body. It’s also energizing and detoxifying. Just a few deep breaths improve the efficiency of one’s breathing all day long, providing improved focus and mental clarity.

Power down. Unplug. Disconnect from the phone, tablet, e-reader, TV and computer. Researchers continue to study the effects screen time has on re-wiring the brain and the findings show negative consequences in multiple areas. Shrinking screens are causing some people to be more socially withdrawn. Backlit screens can interrupt the body’s natural rhythms, leading to poor sleep quality. Step away from the screen and give the brain a much needed break.

Connect. Volunteering instills a sense of purpose, and provides the opportunity to give back. Those who regularly spend time with others doing something for the greater good report feeling more satisfied with their lives. Group gatherings, whether related to philanthropy, a hobby or a favorite sport, positively enhance social wellness.

Katy Henn is the President and CEO of Wellness Collective.  Wellness Collective is a consulting company specializing in worksite wellness, that designs and delivers customized, holistic programs, and is committed to creating a culture of wellness within businesses and communities.

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