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Sean Peterson – Publisher

Sean PetersonMy life journey took many twists and turns before I began the role of publisher for the Central Ohio installment of Natural Awakenings magazine. I am originally from the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, but have also spent time living in Omaha (NE), Charleston (WV), Cedar Rapids (IA), and Memphis (TN) over the past thirty years.

From an early age, I was introduced to many of the subjects Natural Awakenings regularly talks about by my mother. She raised me on a vegetarian diet, applied homeopathic remedies to everyday minor maladies, and taught me how to utilize the deep breathing techniques she learned from her days practicing yoga in the 70s.

In the time since, I have developed a deep appreciation for complimentary medicine, cultivated a level of respect for the planet by attempting to be a good steward of it, and quested to consistently employ conscientious dietary choices.

I am excited to bring such a steady wealth of useful, and at times life-changing, information to the Central Ohio community by way of the Natural Awakenings publication.

My wife of ten years and I have two boys, and in my free time I enjoy playing soccer and listening to music.

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