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30 Mile Meal Project Comes to Licking County

30 Mile Meal ProjectThe groundbreaking 30 Mile Meal project, which began in 2010 in Athens County, in Southeast Ohio, has found a second home in nearby Licking County as part of its vibrant locavore initiative. Locavores—those that seek out food grown and raised in their own community—can discover the diversity of Southeast Ohio’s local foods economy, now within a 30-mile radius of Licking County.

Based on the national 100 Mile Meal movement, the endeavor was started to promote local food producers like farms and dairy sellers, local markets and farm stands, and servers such as restaurants and bakeries, within a 30-mile radius of the center of the participating county. Proponents say there are health, environmental and economic benefits to be had by knowing where food comes from, eating food that’s in season, and supporting local farmers.

The 30 Mile Meal Project has also spurred the creation of the Real Food-Real Local-Real Good Institute, a resource for other local communities that want to utilize regional food production as a sustainable economic development strategy. An Institute conference planned for July, in Athens, will include farm and farmers’ market tours, panel discussions and locally sourced dining.


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