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    Fracking versus Farming

    Rural Lands Have Become Industrial Zones by Harriet Shugarman What if farmers couldn’t confirm what ...

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    Essential Oils for Summer

    Healing Fragrances for Bites, Allergies and Sunburn by Kathleen Barnes A breath of sweet lavender oi...

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    Introducing Kids to the Great Outdoors

    Camping, Hiking, Zoos and Games Make Nature Fun by Avery Mack “Whether urban or rural, children in o...

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    Summer Smoothies

    Quick Steps to Healthy Vegan Drinks by Judith Fertig Smoothies offer big nutrition in a small packag...

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    Lustrous Pooch

    10 Foods to Make a Dog’s Coat Glow by Suzi Beber To keep our dog’s skin and coat healthy, supplement...

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